Reaction Revolution Reform Unit Krakauer

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Reaction, Revolution, Reform Student Materials Krakauer

Reaction, Revolution, Reform We will be exploring our nation's government, and how change happens in our country. Then we will go back in time to explore how our nation developed this system. We will explore three major questions during our study of the American Revolution: How did colonists react to the British crown? How did a revolution end up taking place? How did Americans reform society to create a government? As we learn about these topics, we'll explore how change happens in a society, and dive into the role of the individual in making those changes. Students will be taking on a role of a historical fiction character and they will create a scrapbook detailing that person's experience living through this tumultuous time in history. We'll also be learning about modern day changes, such as our presidential election and other current political movements. Students will get a chance to write to a current-day politician to fight for a change they believe in.