Map Study Tools

Links to Online Study Tools:

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Study Games (Made by Ms. Krakauer for IACS Students):

Study Games (modified versions):


Lizard Point - It's just like having someone quiz you at home.

Jetpunk -- This is a timed Europe quiz. 

Sporcle - Lots of great geography games, but spelling counts.

Sheppard Software - This is a really fun site, and there are different levels. You can make it harder or easier, depending on what you are ready for.

Traveler IQ - This one is a lot of fun, but be ready, because it moves fast! It's more like a game than a study tool. At the end, you can see your traveler I.Q. -- over 100 is great! On the bottom, you can choose a specific region to focus on, so you can zoom in on one of the places we are studying.  Note that this game needs flash.

Map Puzzles -  This is a map puzzle site, just like the one we have on the school computer. It's one of the best for quizzing yourself!

Enchanted Learning - Lots of great maps to print!

Stack the Countries is a fun app that you can play on an iPod, iPhone, iPad, or other such device. There's a free version you can download (with parent permission, of course).

Europe Mountains (I Like to Learn)

Europe Rivers (I like to Learn)

Europe Maps

Ideas for Ways to Study:

  • Quiz yourself verbally
  • Get quizzed by a Friend
  • Pin map
  • Number your map to study where it is and then try to take the quiz on paper
  • Make flash cards
  • Make up mnemonics
  • Use a kind of globe to quiz yourself
  • Make up a handy song
  • Use google maps
  • Download the map you need to study, and paste it on paint, write in the places
  • Study with an online game
  • Other ideas?

Student Map Materials