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5/6 Social Studies Mrs. Angelone

Welcome to Mrs. Angelone's Class!

This year is my 17th as a teacher and my 11th year working at IACS.  I have never found a school that I loved as much!  I love teaching Social Studies because it combines many of my specialties, including my interests in business, community economic development, and geography. I am currently in the dissertation proposal phase of my PhD in Educational Leadership. This year I am excited to teach you about about early colonial life, slavery and the impact of explorers on the early Americas. We will focus on economics and culture, and finally we will talk about current events and geography of 
Asia, Europe and Oceania. 

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Katy Angelone (EC Team): kangelone@innovationcharter.org x3302

Overview of Our Curriculum:

5th and 6th Grade Social Studies Two Year Cycle

2017-2018 Discovering Early America ~ U.S. History I

    Native Americans, Early Explorers, Economics, African American History, and the Thirteen Colonies

2017-2018 Holy C.O.W. (Cultures of the World) ~World Geography/Culture II      

Religion and Culture, Focus on Europe, Asia, and Oceania

2018-2019 Reaction, Revolution, Reform ~ U.S. History II

    The American Revolution – Causes, Battles, Key Players, Early Government

2018-2019 The Global Action Project ~ World Geography & Culture I

    International Development and Change, Focus on Central & South America, and Africa

5th and 6th Grade Social Studies Project

This Semester, our projects will be...

Holy C.O.W. (Cultures of the World)

Learning about world geography and culture, focusing on Asia, Europe, and Oceania.


Discovering Early America

An overview of the acts and events leading up to the American Revolution, the battles and events of the Revolution, and finally the creation of a new government after the Revolution.

Field Trips:

Plimoth Plantation and Houses of Worship


Map Study Tools

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General 5/6 Social Studies Web Docs

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