7th Grade Block 

Teacher: Kim Johnson
Extra Help: Tuesdays Room 403 from 3 to 4 of Extra Help Here or by appointment.

Curriculum Overview

Unit Title and  Essential Questions

Key Topics / Concepts

Integers:  To add, subtract, multiply and divide integers

How do you identify and graph integers, find opposites, and find the  absolute value of an integer?

How do you compare and order integers?

Integers & Absolute Value, Adding Integers, Subtracting Integers, Multiplying Integers, Divide Integers

Rational Numbers:  To add, subtract, multiply and divide rational numbers

Why do I need mathematical operations?

How do mathematical operations relate to each other?

How do I know which mathematical operation (+, -, x, ÷, exponents, etc.) to use?

How do I know which computational method (mental math, estimation, paper and pencil, and calculator) to use?

Rational Numbers, Add Rational Numbers, Subtracting Rational Numbers, Multiplying and Dividing Rational Numbers

Expressions and Equations:  To solve two-step equations

Why do we use equations to solve problems?

Why do you perform operations on both sides of an equation?

How is thinking algebraically different from thinking arithmetically?

How do the properties contribute to algebraic understanding?

Algebraic Expressions, Adding and Subtracting Linear Expressions, Solving Equations Using Addition or Subtraction, Solving Equations Using Multiplication or Division, Solving Two-Step Equations

Ratios and Proportions:  

  • How do you use proportionality to solve ratio problems?

Ratios and Rates, Proportions, Writing Proportions, Solving Proportions, Slope, Direct Variation, Scale Drawings/Models

Circles and Area:  To find perimeters and areas of composite two-dimensional figures

How do you write and use the equation of a circle?

Circumference, Composite Perimeter, Circle Area, Composite Area

Surface Area and Volume:  To solve real-world problems involving surface areas and volumes of prisms, pyramids and cylinders

How do you find the surface area of a prism or cylinder?

How do you find the volume of a prism or cylinder?

Surface Area of Prisms, Surface Area of Pyramids, Surface Area of Cylinders, Volume of Prisms, Volume of Pyramids

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