6th ELA (Falewicz)

Teacher: Gail Falewicz, gfalewicz@innovationcharter.org
Extra Help: Contact Mrs. Falewicz to arrange for extra help

Curriculum Overview

Welcome to 6th grade ELA with Mrs. Falewicz!

In the shaded box you will find Unit Plans which will guide our year-long instruction.

Each student has 6 hours of ELA each week.

General structure for classes will rotate through these main topics:

  • Independent and Whole Class Reading

  • Journaling via Google docs

  • Readers' Theater

  • Read Naturally

  • Word Work

Homework will usually be completed in Google docs either at home or during designated class time.  Students may be given prompting questions based upon their independent reading.

You will see teacher responses within each student's Google docs journal

Current Rubrics & Other Documents

Curriculum Documents