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Prehistory Links

Most links via Best of History Websites.  For a more detailed description of each site, you should visit their informative site.

Discovering Ardi (Discovery)

Evolution (PBS)

Becoming Human (Institute of Human Origins)

BBC Prehistoric Life (BBC)

The First Europeans: Treasures from the Hills of Atapuerca (American Museum of Natural History)

Genesis: Ideas of Origin in African Sculpture (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

In Search of Human Origins (National Geographic)

Atlas of the Human Journey (National Geographic Society)

BBC History: Archaeology (BBC)

Fossil Fragments: The Riddle of Human Origins (Yale University)

Oldest Art: The Top 50 (Encyclopedia of Irish and World Art)

Paleolithic Virtual Museum
Prehistoric Art (State Hermitage)

Archaeology: From Reel to Reel (National Science Foundation)

The Story of Pech (University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology)

dig (Magazine)

Mr Dowling's Electronic Passport: Prehistory

Prehistoric Humans

Bill Moyers: Genesis (PBS)

Web Geological Time Machine (UCMP) (Berkeley)

Earth Mysteries (Britannia)

Silbury Hill (Britannia)

Natural History Museums

Cave Paintings and Rock Art (Mr. Donn)