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Course Selection Resources for 2015-2016

posted Apr 14, 2015, 5:06 AM by Erik Arnold

Dear Parents/Guardians & Students

Listed below are resources to help with selecting classes for next year through X2. These resources will also be listed on the HS Principal Page on the IACS website by the end of the day. All requests should be made by April 22nd. Please direct any questions that can't be answered by a teacher or advisor to the high school principal at earnold@innovationcharter.org

Since we are completing this process much earlier than in the past, all students and teachers will leave school in June with a copy of their schedule for next year. Of course, minor changes may still be needed for some students over the summer due to factors such as summer school or adjustments to the master schedule.

Best -

Dr. Arnold

IACS High School Principal

X2 Scheduling FAQ's

X2 Course Selection Tutorial

Summary Sheet for Incoming Freshmen

Summary Sheet for Next Years Sophomores

Summary Sheet for Next Years Juniors

Summary Sheet for Next Years Seniors

Program of Studies (course descriptions, graduation requirements, what colleges are looking for, etc...)