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IACS Participates in Model UN (United Nations) at UMASS Lowell

posted Apr 15, 2016, 2:19 PM by Erik Arnold

This past week three high school students- Leticia Freire (9th), Maya Hegde (10th) and Jennifer Schultz (11th) went to their first Model United Nations (MUN) Conference. The conference was hosted by the UMass Lowell MUN team for local high schools with the expectation that there will be a high level of competitiveness and a strong performance in debates. 

All three girls were delegates representing The Kingdom of Spain with Leticia debating as a member of The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Maya debating as a member of The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and Jen debating as a member of The United Nations Security Council (UNSC). Within each committee, the delegates were writing resolutions for current controversial issues such as how the international community should combat the growing power of ISIL or how deal with the increase in global climate chance. 

Leticia and Jen were each recognized by their Chairs (committee facilitators from UML) for Honorable Mentions based on how well they spoke and stayed true to their countries values in debate, and next time, they would like to hear the girls speak up even more.

This is the first year the MUN club has been offered  at IACS, and none of the girls had even heard of MUN until they signed up for it. The MUN club is advised by Ms. Lea Gonsalo, a teacher's aid in the HS who is a UML graduate and a former member of the UML MUN team.

All three girls said it was an amazing and rewarding experience going to the UML MUN conference to debate with students from other schools. All three girls will be continuing with the MUN club next year especially because Ms. Gonsalo has said she would like to bring them to three conferences (one per choice block trimester).

If you, or your student are interested in the club, please contact Ms. Lea Gonsalo via email at lgonsalo@innovationcharter.org or sign up for the Choice block in the Fall!