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IACS Newspaper - The Innovator

posted Sep 19, 2014, 1:32 PM by Erik Arnold
Please read the stories that are available already on the online edition of The Innovator. Click here for the online edition. What follows is an excerpt from their latest edition which introduces the newspaper editors:
The Innovator staff is excited to welcome a fantastic new staff of editors this year, all who were chosen for their keen eye and unique vision for different sections of The Innovator. In addition to dividing our stories into the five key sections (News, Opinions, etc.), we have appointed editors to oversee different themes. Senior Elena Mottola will be editing Social (trends, fundraisers, dances, events); Senior Marc Printz will be editing Green (green issues, news, and opinions inside and outside of IACS); Junior Graylen Scarsdale will be editing Policy/Governance; and Sophomore Sarah Mayotte will be editing Extracurriculars (sports, drama, clubs). These editors will work closely with the writers who submit pieces that fall under their specific themes.