Useful Documents

All high school students at Innovation Academy are required to maintain a digital portfolio, which must be complete each year in order to advance.

Digital portfolios offer students a chance to connect their best work to their personal goals. Many students use their digital portfolios in their Presentations of Learning.

Some of the multimedia projects we do at Innovation work particularly well in portfolios: songs, videos, posters, and slideshow presentations are often highlights. That said, students can also use digital portfolios to showcase the steps of the revision process, a sequence of improving math quizzes, or to share pieces of writing or artwork. By taking the time to digitize and archive work, students give themselves a way to reflect on their work and see their growth over their four years in the high school.

Why Portfolios

It is common for artists, architects, designers, and other creative professionals to compile portfolios of their work. The assumption in these fields is that each individual's work is unique and that an individual's particular abilities can only be judged by looking through a body of work.

At Innovation, we feel that student work in all subjects is worthy of this same attention. The digital portfolio is just one way that we try to help students make their work their own.