Paises Latinoamericanos y España

Teacher:Jose L Lopez Espinosa
Extra Help:Mondays from 3 to 4pm or by appointment

Course Title: Paises Latinoamericanos y Espana.                                  

Duración del curso: January 19, 2016 - June 15, 2016 (?)

My two favorite quotes: “A teacher’s job is to make his/her students smarter than he/she” & “The purpose of schools is to teach how to become self-educated’’

Descripción del curso: Welcome to Paises Latinoamericanos y Espana class! This is a level two class. This course will cover the topics about Latin America and Spain such as history, politics, religion, identity, society, traditions and customs, as well as newspaper articles. We will focus on conversations, student’s centered as well as writing short essays about various topics. The PL&S class focuses on 4 skills to improve fluency, accuracy and the ability to communicate in Spanish showing the Hispanic’s life. This course will also provide an opportunity, at the student’s skill level, to speak Spanish during class. Students will also work on pronunciation, vocabulary and Spanish idioms to further develop their conversational skills doing short presentations in class about topics related to the course. The goal of this class will be to speak Spanish and improve communication skills through the Hispanic culture.

It is important that you made a commitment to speak Spanish during class as much as possible and allow me as a teacher to help you comprehend and communicate in the language. There will be an allotted time each class to exclusively speak Spanish through games, small and class conversations, and informal teacher/student chats. In this class we will also make comparisons with the American Culture communicating the differences between Communities in Latin American and Spain related to the United States. We will also incorporate Connections between all mentioned above.

Latin America and Spain class Learning Goals

1. Engage in oral, listening and written exchanges of learned material to socialize, provide and obtain information.

2. Demonstrate understanding of simple, clearly spoken, and written language presented in current news, games, lots of questions and brief conversations.

3. Present information using familiar words, discrete sentences and phrases.

4. Demonstrate understanding of the Hispanic culture and how they are respected or not  nowadays, how different people perceives them.

6. Master common and some specialized vocabulary terms.

7. Listen for meaning in Spanish videos and music and read, write, and speak about them.

Recurring Assessments:

Free-writing or Sketch Journaling: You will be asked to create literature in which you can decide the topic. You will have two option. Free-writing and Sketch journaling. In free-writing you can decide to write fiction or facts related to the course trying to make connections, make comparisons about the Hispanic Culture and your Culture. In sketch journaling you will need to draw first anything related to the topic covered in class, then write sentences about it. You will include posting your literature and recording of your voice reading your creation in your Digital Portfolio as a way to record progress during the semester.   

Daily Work: In addition to homework, there will be a variety of activities that will be done in class to improve your speaking skills and understanding of the language.

Work Habits will be graded on a regular basis and after you complete each assignment/update your Digital Portfolio. In order to justly assess all student work, please expect a two week window from the due date of an assignment before a grade is posted onto x2. 

In order to justly assess all student work, please expect a two week window from the due date of an assignment before a grade is posted onto x2.

Honors:  Honors in Spanish is an opportunity to challenge yourself and enrich your experience in this class. It is open to all students, but there is commitment involved. Honors students will be expected to do the following:

Lead small-group discussion activities and help to keep a Solo Español” environment in class.

Organize and teach one class previously checked and approved by the teacher.


Conversation (25%)

  • Using Spanish in class (i.e. asking questions / addressing teachers or classmates)

  • Using vocabulary words and phrases presented in class.

  • Participating in class dialogues, interviews, surveys, and debates.

Interpretation (25%)

  • Answering questions and/or commenting about topics, videos, and music presented in class (oral and written)

  • Recognizing/applying vocabulary words or phrases presented in class.

  • Following written or oral directions leading to an activity.

Work habits (25%)

  • Participating in class activities.

  • Presenting work on time (homework, assignments, project reports)

  • Showing interest and effort in each class.

Presentation (25%)

  • Keeping journal up to date.

  • Completion of mini – projects.

  • Revision/reflection of quizzes, homework.

Let’s enjoy the semester !

Maestro:     Jose L. Lopez 

Teacher: you can paste content here, or just use the google docs folder to post course documents.

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