En español

Teacher:Ofelin Tortorelli
Extra Help:Fridays, 3:00 - 4:00 pm in Room 246 or by appointment.

Course Summary

This class is intended for students who are fairly new to the Spanish language, novice mid speakers (according to ACTFL levels.)

Throughout the semester students will build basic vocabulary and simple structures that will allow them to engage in conversations, while covering a variety of familiar topics. In other words, we will cover and discuss everyday situations and the world around us, but in Spanish!



The main objective of this class is to provide the students with the necessary tools to immerse themselves into a Spanish only classroom, where they will communicate and interact with others in the target language.


Language learners should advance

From (Novice Mid)

To (Novice High)

Memorized expressions, short phrases and vocabulary lists.

Recognizing and replicating familiar words and phrases in oral and written language.

Communicate and exchange information about familiar topics, phrases, simple sentences, and memorized language.

Short social interaction.

Ask and answer basic questions.

Write short messages or notes about familiar topics.

Understand words, phrases and simple sentences in oral and written language.

Source: ACTFL



A journal (notebook) is required to keep track of vocabulary.

Video journals are also required to keep track of improvement over time.

*Students will be given time to complete both journals in the classroom (at teacher´s discretion).


Class Rule

All students must communicate with other students and teacher in the target language (Spanish) at all times. This might be challenging at first, but a few days into the course, it will feel natural. If students feel the need of asking anything in English, they should wait until the end of the class to do so.

The use of Spanish during class will affect the conversation and work habits strands in X2.



Students will have a series of mini-projects, for which the necessary content will be provided in every class. Therefore, we will work step by step (building up vocabulary and grammatical structures) in order to achieve the final goal, which is: completing the task (mini/project).



Students taking this class for honors will be required to:

-       Do an extension of every mini-project.

-       Contribute to the Spanish only environment.

-       Use Duolingo – Spanish at home or after school for at least 10 minutes each day (5 times per week). They may also send a screen shot or show level improvement on their device to the teacher.


Use Duolingo – Spanish at home or after school for at least 10 minutes (3 times per week), and write down their findings/learning on their journals. They may also send a screen shot or show level improvement on their device to the teacher.

May vary from taking a picture and upload it into Google classrooms, to writing down a short text on their journals.


Unit evaluation

Every time we complete a unit (after every mini-project), students will be quizzed on their acquisition of vocabulary, grammatical structures, and cultural information.


Digital Portfolio

Mandatory: Students will have their video diaries uploaded on their DP.

Optional: Students will upload one or more mini/projects into their DP.


Assessment strands

Conversation (25%)

  • Using Spanish in class (i.e. asking questions / addressing teachers or classmates)
  • Using vocabulary words and phrases presented in class.
  • Participating in class dialogues, interviews, surveys, etc.


Interpretation (25%)

  • Answering questions and/or commenting about topics, videos, and music presented in class (oral and written)
  • Recognizing/applying vocabulary words or phrases presented in class.
  • Following written or oral directions leading to an activity.


Work habits (25%)

  • Participating in class activities.
  • Presenting work on time (homework, assignments, project reports)
  • Showing interest and effort in each class.

Presentation (25%)

  • Keeping journal up to date.
  • Completion of mini – projects.
  • Revision/reflection of quizzes and homework.


Google Classrooms

Section D – 6qfhdxb (blue)

Section E – 9tpto5e (purple)

Section F – 3nbw1f (teal)

Course Documents

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