Teacher:Ms. Raksmey Derival
Extra Help:Thursdays 3-4pm in room 242

Course Overview

In order to understand and appreciate the role of chemistry in society and sustainability, principles of Green Chemistry are interwoven throughout the curriculum to familiarize students with chemistry practices that are environmentally, economically and socially responsible. Basic concepts are introduced to students to build a solid foundation of chemistry knowledge. A major focus of this course is to understand how chemistry affects everyday life, and to learn how chemistry can effectively and efficiently be applied to innovate new products and technologies. Students will be encouraged to practice science inquiry, safe laboratory practice, data recording, analysis, and application skills. Math skills include single and multi-step conversions involving several units, multiplying and dividing numbers and variables in fractions, and algebra (PEMDAS, exponents, percents, and solving for single and multiple variables). Throughout the year, there are 2-4 major projects and 6-10 labs. Tests are given at the end of each unit, and there is a cumulative final exam. The four strands of experimentation, enduring understanding, modeling and work habits will guide student learning goals and assessments.

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