Student Athlete Leadership Training

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Teacher: Nolan McKinnon
Extra Help: Days and Room of Extra Help Here or by appointment.

Curriculum Overview

Middle School teachers. Please ensure that you have posted:
  • Curriculum Overview (in this space)
  • Grading Policy (below)
  • Current Rubrics (right)
You can also post many other things to this site, including:
  • Pictures of student work, class subject matter, or students (first check that we have permission to publish student images on the web -- see the spreadsheet in the web photo folder!)
  • A class calendar
  • Links to any sites being used in the class (e.g. edmodo)
The document folders on the right can all be configured by clicking on it (when it edit mode) and then clicking the gear icon. Then click "CHANGE" and select a folder where you will keep documents you want to make public for students. This will enable you to keep your website up-to-date just by using a google docs folder in the future. 

If you prefer, you are of course also welcome to delete the folder widget and put links to documents there another way. 

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Current Rubrics & Other Documents

HS Example Folder