Math Applications in Algebra

Teacher:John Frothingham
Extra Help:by appointment

Course Description



This grade twelve course is designed to give students a firm foundation in problem solving.  Students will be provided with a rich set of problems to solve, many of which will be applicable to the student’s everyday life.  Students will be encouraged to think and work together, present solutions orally and in written form.  It covers a range of mathematics topics including: Analyzing numerical data, conducting, critiquing, and communicating statistics, Modeling mathematical data and relationships, and Mathematical decision making in finance and budgeting and other real world applications. The course will also review and expand the student’s knowledge of Algebra, Geometry and Algebra II.  


Essential Questions:

     How can we apply math to solve real world problems?

    What real world problems are modeled using linear and exponential functions?


Reference Documents

Math Syllabus