Integrated Math 110 (DeBaun)

Teacher:Kara DeBaun
Extra Help:Thursday, 3-4pm, Rm 149

Please see "Course Documents" below for all course handouts, presentations, homework assignments. The folder also contains a running list of homework assignments, project deadlines, and test dates.

Course Description:

Should you invest in buying a hybrid car or a non-hybrid car?  Is the minimum wage a living wage?  In Math 110, you will focus on developing your algebraic skills and reasoning in order to provide clear, supported answers to these types of questions.  This course will emphasize choosing appropriate methods, clearly communicating and justifying your methods, and revising errors.  

We will begin with a brief review of essential pre-algebra skills and move to proportional reasoning.  Building off proportional reasoning, we will study linear functions, their representations, and their applications.  We will then study systems of linear equations and inequalities and will end the year with properties of exponents and quadratic functions.

Essential Questions:

  • How can I think, work, and problem solve as a mathematician?

  • How does math give us tools to read (understand) and write (change) the world around us?

  • How can I develop a growth mindset in math?

Schedule of Major Topics:

Semester 1 1 Pre-algebra Review 

                                2 Proportional Reasoning

                                3 Graphing Linear Equations     

                                4 Writing Linear Equations

Semester 2 5 System of Linear Equations

        6 Linear Inequalities

        7 Properties of Exponents

         8 Polynomials

  • Desmos -- online graphing calculator

Course Documents