Current Homework C Block

For Wednesday, December 18

1/2 - 1 page response:  what are your thoughts about the two commercials?  Are they satire?  Of what?  Do they succeed as satire?  Why/not?


For Friday, December 6

1/2 - 1 page response.  Why do you think Chaplin pairs (contrasts, aligns, merges, etc) the barber & Hynkel?  How/why does he emphasize their similarities and differences?

For Wednesday, December 4

1/2 - 1 page response.  Describe an image or two that you remember.  What do you notice?  Why does it seem important?

(If you missed class and are able to view the film on your own, we watched about 45 minutes -- from where we left off on Wednesday to the point when the storm troopers reach down through the hole in the roof.)

For Monday, December 2

Finish in-class response to The Great Dictator


For Friday, November 1

Written reflection:  Choose on scene of Softcops and describe how you would stage it if you were a director.  Some things you  might include:
  • What would the set look like? 
  • What would the costumes look like? 
  • How would you block it?  (Where would the actors stand / walk / move?  What would they do?)
  • How would you cast it?
  • How would you ask the actors to speak the lines?
Honors -- be sure to explain fully WHY you would make these choices.

For Wednesday, October 30

Read Softcops to page 37
Expect quiz

For Monday, October 30

Read Softcops to page 19
Fill in worksheet

For Monday, October 21

Reread last 2 pages of "The True Story of Ah Q"
Write 1/2 page reflection on the way the townspeople are depicted

For Friday, October 18

Finish "The True Story of Ah Q"
Expect quiz

For Wednesday, October 16

Read to p. 36 in "The True Story of Ah Q"
Expect quiz
Write a letter to Ah Q -- what would you say to him if you could? (Approx 1/2 page.  Honors letters should be longer.)

For Friday, October 11

1/2 page reflection on "The Nose":  what do you think Gogol is trying to satirize?  What do you base your idea(s) on?

For Wed, October 9

Finish "The Nose"
Expect quiz

For Monday, October 7
Read Part I of "The Nose" (to page 207)
Honors Marketing Proposals due

Honors component due Monday, October 7

(Assignment attached at bottom of page)

For Friday, 9/13

Watch the following clip:

Please write a short response.  (If you're taking the course for honors, you should always feel free to make your response more extensive/developed.)
  • What is Colbert "saying" (explicitly)
  • What is he really getting at?
  • What are 2 - 3 specific examples of strategies he uses?

Wed, 9/4
  • Read "A Modest Proposal"
  • Write short open-ended response to "A Modest Proposal"
  • Please write me a letter:
            What do you want me to know about you as a learner/person/reader/writer?
            What is one problem (in the world, at IACS, in your life, whatever...) that really upsets you?
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