Current Homework A Block


For Thursday, December 19

Written reflection:  in Bamboozled, Thomas Dunwitty insists that he's not a racist, and therefore has a right t use racist language.  Do you think racism is more dangerous when it's explicit, or when it's unconscious?

For Tuesday, December 3

Written reflection:  Describe the characters of the barber and Hynkel.  How does Chaplin show us who they are?  How does he shape our perceptions of them? 

(If you missed class and are able to view the film on your own, we watched about 45 minutes -- from where we left off on Wednesday to the point when the storm troopers reach down through the hole in the roof.)

For Monday, December 2

Finish in-class response to The Great Dictator


For Thursday, November 14

Complete character development worksheet

For Thursday, October 31

Written reflection:  Choose on scene of Softcops and describe how you would stage it if you were a director.  Some things you  might include:
  • What would the set look like? 
  • What would the costumes look like? 
  • How would you block it?  (Where would the actors stand / walk / move?  What would they do?)
  • How would you cast it?
  • How would you ask the actors to speak the lines?

Honors -- be sure to explain fully WHY you would make these choices.

For Monday, October 28

Read Softcops to page 19 ("Minister & Vidocq embrace")
Fill out response sheet

For Thursday, October 24

Read the Preface to A Call to Arms
Reflection -- Does this reading throw "The True Story of Ah Q" into any different light for you?  How?

For Thursday, October 17
Read to page 36 in "The True Story of Ah Q" 
Expect quiz

For Thursday, October 10

1/2 page reflection:  What do you think Gogol is satirizing in "The Nose"?

For Tuesday, October 8

Finish reading "The Nose"
Optional and honors:  write your own version of the rest of "The Nose" (following Part I)

For Monday, October 7

Read Part I of "The Nose"  (please get the new translation from me and read to page 207)
Honors Marketing Proposals due

Honors component due Monday, October 7
(Assignment attached at bottom of page)

For Thursday, 9/18

Please finish the writing that you began in class.  What strategies does Matt Groening use in The Simpsons? Is he successful?

For Monday, 9/16

Please write a letter to either John Stewart or Stephen Colbert. Please tell them:

  • Something you find effective about their work (use specific example/s)

  • Something that doesn't work well for you about their work (use specific example/s)

  • something about their work that made you think about or see something in a new or different way (use specific example/s)

Links to the clips we've watched:

John Stewart and Larry Wilmore on Gingrich & Poverty:

Cris-ish in Syri-eh:

Class Warfare:


Skeletons in the Closet:

For Thursday, 9/5

Read article from The Onion
Underline passages that stick out to you

For Thursday, 8/29

  • Read "A Modest Proposal"
  • Write short open-ended response to "A Modest Proposal"
  • Please write me a letter:
            What do you want me to know about you as a learner/person/reader/writer?
            What is one problem (in the world, at IACS, in your life, whatever...) that really upsets you?
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