Teacher: William Carvajal
Extra Help: Mondays 3 to 4 p.m or  by appointment.


Course Title: Univisión, Latinoamérica, y Los Estados Unidos

Instructor: William Carvajal

Duración del curso: Agosto 2014/ Enero 2015 

Extra Help: Tuesdays 3 to 4 pm or by appointment.

Descripción del curso: Welcome to Univisón, Latinoamérica, y Los Estados Unidos! This course will focus on a more in-depth study of the different cultures in the Spanish-speaking nations. It is designed to provide the background you will need to understand Hispanic culture, including, of course, that of the growing Latino population of the US. You will learn about Univision, the biggest Spanish- language television network in the United States with the largest Spanish language television viewers, and El Planeta, the largest Spanish -language Newspaper in New England. During the course the class will do a combination of reading and writing, watching brief segments of newscasts, sharing opinions in Spanish about what you observed, and reviewing and learning Grammar through immersion.

*A field trip to the headquarters of Univision or El Planeta followed by a visit to an authentic Hispanic Restaurant will take place as an extension of this course.

Univision Learning Goals 

1. Distinguish and compare the culture of Hispanic population living in USA with their own. 

2. Master common and some specialized vocabulary terms and phrases used
throughout the course. 

3. Comprehend a wide range of grammar patterns.

4. Instigate and continue increasingly involved conversations, and respond
appropriately to increasingly involved, or open Spanish conversational prompts. 

5. Generate language incorporating basic and some specialized vocabulary and a
range of grammar patterns 

6. Listen for meaning in Spanish Newscasts and read, write, and speak about them.

7. Watch segments of Univision and report information in Spanish

8. Analyze and compare cultural practices, products, and perspectives of various
Spanish-speaking countries represented in USA. 

9. Read from a Spanish newspaper and express opinions in the target language

10. Create and present a Spanish newscast/newspaper

11. Use Spanish effectively to communicate during field trip to
Univision/El Planeta and a Spanish restaurant. 

                          Proyectos                                                                      Strand 

Septiembre 1 al 22        *La Hispanidad en USA                           Presentation-Conversation

Octubre 1 al 22             *Univisón – Spy Rabbit                            Interpretation

Noviembre 3 al 28          *Proyecto Univision: Newscast                Conversation-Presentation

Diciembre 1 al 19           El Planeta                                             Conversation - Intepretation

* Potential Projects for Exhibition Night

Overall Evaluation Overview – Strands: 

Conversation (30 %) Small Group and Class Conversation-Interviews

Interpretation (20 %) Listening Spanish Newscasts / Reading and Writing 

Presentation (20%) Univision Forum – Edited Written Work – Presenting Original Work 

Work Habits (30%) Homework / Class Participation

Recurring Assessments: 

-Univision Forum: You will be required to access Univision webpage and participate in a forum about a variety of topics. While in the forum students will be encouraged to reply comments from others users (required for honors students).

-Noticiero Univision: You will be asked to watch at least 30 minutes of Spanish TV per week and share with the class in Spanish what you learned from it.

Daily Work: In addition to homework, there will be a variety of activities that will be done in class to improve your speaking skills and understanding of the language.

Work Habits will be graded on a regular basis and after you complete each project/update your Digital Portfolio. Univisión may require you to interact with people from another country or countries in Spanish. Please be sensitive to other people’s cultures in order to maintain an enjoyable, productive learning environment.

Extra Credit: You may complete Honors assignments in each unit for extra credit. The regular revision of work will be also encouraged.

Honors: Honors in Spanish is an opportunity to challenge yourself and enrich your experience in this class. It is open to all students, but there is commitment involved. Honors students will be expected to lead small-group discussion activities and help to keep a “Solo Español” environment in class. Students taking honors are highly recommended to attend Spanish lunches. The following honors assignments will correspond and enhance topics we are exploring in class and will provide an opportunity for students to deepen their understanding of the language:

-La Hispanidad en USA: Read various segments from “Univision: Un hogar lejos del hogar” and lead a group discussion based on a chosen theme presented in the book. -Univisión – Spy Rabbit: Read and respond other users’ entries in the Univision Foro and write your own comments as directed in class.

- Univision/ El Planeta Field Trip: Design a Thank - you card in Spanish to be sent
to El Planeta/Univision or write an article in English/ Spanish about our 

field trip to be possibly published in the Hawk or school newspaper. 

Looking forward to a successful semester, 

Señor Carvajal

"Sólo es posible avanzar cuando se mira lejos. Solo cabe progresar cuando se piensa en grande." José Ortega y Gasset