Tierra de los Mayas

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Teacher: Jose L Lopez Espinosa
Extra Help: Mondays from 3 to 4pm room 246 or by appointment.

Course Overview

Welcome to Tierra de los Mayas! Tierra de los Mayas means Land of the Mayans. This course will cover the mayans before the Spanish conquest, the conquest and the mayans of nowadays. We will focus on the mayans around the Yucatan Peninsula. Tierra de los Mayas focuses on practical conversation  to improve fluency, accuracy and the ability to communicate in Spanish showing the mayan’s life. This course will also provide an opportunity, at the student’s skill level, to speak Spanish during class. Students will also work on pronunciation, vocabulary and Spanish idioms to further develop their conversational skills. The goal of this class will be to speak Spanish and improve communication skills through the mayan culture.

It is important that you made a commitment to speak Spanish during class as much as possible and allow me as a teacher to help you comprehend and communicate in the language. There will be an allotted time each class to exclusively speak Spanish through games, small and class conversations, and informal teacher/student chats.

Tierra de los Mayas Learning Goals

1. Engage in oral, listening and written exchanges of learned material to socialize, provide and

obtain information.

2. Demonstrate understanding of simple, clearly spoken, and written language presented in mayan legends, games, tons of questions and brief conversations.

3. Present information using familiar words, discrete sentences and phrases.

4. Demonstrate understanding of the mayan culture (what mayans did and do) and how they are respected or not  nowadays, how different people perceives them and in the Spanish culture.

6. Master common and some specialized vocabulary terms.

7. Listen for meaning in Spanish videos and music and read, write, and speak about them.