Postmodern Art

Teacher: Mr. Barry
Extra Help: Monday, 3:00pm

Course Overview

Postmodernism was an influential period of mostly American and European art history which spanned from the early 1960s to the early 1990s. Postmodernism was not one consistent style or set of ideas, but rather a period of time where artists began to rethink art on a fundamental level. Postmodern art revolted against the traditions of Modernism and the idea that art must present simple, moral, realistic depictions of the world. Artists sought to create work which reflected the uncertainty, instability, and complexity of life at the time. This new perspective was inspired by great technological, scientific, social, and political change that impacted how people lived their lives and saw the world. An important theme of Postmodernism was the idea that there was not a clear progression to art, but rather many different perspectives about the world.