La Tertulia

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Teacher: Sr. Carvajal
Extra Help: Mondays 3 to 4 p.m. or  by appointment.


Course Title: La Tertulia

Instructor: William Carvajal

Duración del curso: August 2014 - January  2015

Extra Help: Tuesdays 3 to 4 p.m or by appointment.

Descripción del curso: Welcome to La Tertulia! A tertulia means an informal meeting of people to talk about their interests, current affairs, the arts, etc. La Tertulia focuses on practical conversation on a variety of everyday topics to improve fluency, accuracy and the ability to communicate in Spanish. This course will promote interest in the Hispanic culture and provide an opportunity, at the student’s skill level, to speak Spanish during class. Students will also work on pronunciation, vocabulary and Spanish idioms to further develop their conversational skills. The goal of this class will be to speak Spanish and improve communication skills through immersion.There will be an allotted time each class to exclusively speak Spanish through games, small and class conversations, and informal teacher/student chats. Every time you enter this class there will be a green or yellow sign on the board. 
A green sign will indicate Spanish is to be used ALL THE TIME. A yellow sign will indicate we may use English for clarifications about projects, expectations, relevant instructions, class reflection, and writing-speaking tutorials/ etc.
Students taking this class will be expected to interact with native Spanish speakers and read and write in the target language throughout the course.

La Tertulia Learning Goals 

1. Engage in oral and written exchanges of learned material to socialize, provide and

obtain information.

2. Demonstrate understanding of simple, clearly spoken, and written language presented in short stories, games, high-frequency commands and brief conversations.

3. Present information using familiar words and phrases.

4. Demonstrate understanding of the practices (what people do) and how they are related to the perspectives (how people perceive things) in the Spanish culture.

6. Master common and some specialized vocabulary terms.

7. Listen for meaning in Spanish videos and music and read, write, and speak about them.


— Conversación (Teacher and student-led discussions, Mini-debates, Conversational Games, Mini-presentations )

— Pronunciación (Rassias)

— Escritura (Dictados, Microrelatos, Escribiendo sobre uno mismo-La Literatura del yo-)

— Lectura (Actividades de leer, La Literatura del yo- )

Strands (Evaluaciones)

— Conversation (30%): Graded conversations, Interviews, Conversational Games.

— Presentation (20%): Mini-presentations, Recall of words & forms, edited written work.

— Interpretation (20%):Recognition of words & forms, reading and listening assessments; Microrelatos independent reading time.

— Work Habits (30%): Class participation, homework

Recurring Assessments: 

-La Literatura del yo: You will be asked to create literature in which you will be the main character. In other words, your own daily experiences will dictate the adventures or fiction you will create during this time. Part of your responsibilities during La Literatura del Yo will include posting your literature and recording of your voice reading your creation in your Digital Portfolio as a way to record progress during the semester.

Daily Work

 In addition to homework, there will be a variety of activities that will be done in class to improve your speaking skills and understanding of the language.

Work Habits

 It will be graded on a regular basis and after you complete each assignment/update your Digital Portfolio. La Tertulia may require you to interact with people from another country or countries in Spanish. Please be sensitive to other people’s cultures in order to maintain an enjoyable, productive learning environment. Please give me at least two weeks to update X2 after an assignment has been turned in. 


Extra Credit

You may complete Honors assignments for extra credit. The regular revision of work will be also encouraged.


 Honors in Spanish is an opportunity to challenge yourself and enrich your experience in this class. It is open to all students, but there is commitment involved. Honors students will be expected to lead small-group discussion activities and help to keep a “Solo Español” environment in class. In addition, Honors students will have to:

- Organize and lead one Tertulia (Conversational game and follow-up brief group discussion)

-Help coordinating and organizing Exhibition Night for this class.

Looking forward to a successful semester, 

Señor Carvajal 

"Sólo es posible avanzar cuando se mira lejos. Solo cabe progresar cuando se piensa en grande." José Ortega y Gasset