Integrated Math 110/120

Teacher: Kara DeBaun / Sarah Goucher
Extra Help: Mrs. DeBaun: Tuesday 3-4 in 153 or by appointment.
                           Mrs. Goucher:  Thursday 3-4 in 156 or by appointment.

Math 110

Course Overview

Essential Questions

  • How do I begin solving this problem?
  • What tools do I have?
  • Can someone else follow my work?
  • How do I fix my mistakes?
  • How can we think, work, and problem solve as mathematicians?

Course Summary

Should you invest in buying a hybrid car vs. a non-hybrid car?  How does the size of Texas compare to the size of Massachusetts?  In Math 110/120, you will focus on developing your algebraic skills and reasoning in order to provide clear, supported answers to these types of questions.  This course will emphasize choosing appropriate methods, clearly communicating and justifying your methods, and revising errors.  

The year will begin with a brief review of essential pre-algebra skills, moving to proportional reasoning.  We will build off proportional reasoning to an in-depth study of linear functions, their representations, and their applications.  Similar to linear equations, we will study systems of linear equations and inequalities.  We will end the year with quadratic functions and probability.  

        You will need the following materials every day:

  • Pencils and erasers
  • Notebook
  • Binder or section in a binder to keep handouts, homework, and project work
  • Completed homework
  • Agenda book
  • (Recommended) Calculator TI-30XS