Current Homework - Gender & Literature

For Tuesday, March 24
Read Excerpt from Gender Outlaws
Written Response
Begin independent reading!  (See assignment sheet (attached below) for timeline)

For Thursday, March 19
Read "Not Your Mom's Trans 101"
Written Response

For Tuesday, March 17
Read excerpt from Gender Shock
Write response -- what thoughts, questions, etc does the reading raise for you?

For Thursday, March 12
1.    Think about: Does a toy boat matter?
2.    Finish Orlando.  Mark passages that you like / wonder about / find important / don't like... etc
3.    Journal amnesty.  No journal due.  I will accept up to two installments (3 - 5 entries per installment) to make up for past missing ones.

Gender Observation Journals due every Thursday

For Thursday, March 5
Read Orlando to page 289
expect a quiz on pp. 245 - 289

For Tuesday, March 3
Read pages 215 - 253 in Orlando

for Thursday, 2/26
Prepare for in-class essay (assignment attached below)
(due Friday, 2/27)
Gender journal prompt:  how do we make ourselves men/women?

For Tuesday, February 24
Finish chapter 4 in Orlando
Be prepared for in-class essay

For Friday, February 13

Read to page 167 in Orlando

For Thursday, February 12
Read Chapter 3 in Orlando
Choose a passage

For Thursday, February 5
Read Chapter 1 in Orlando

For Friday, January 23
Read chapters 10 - 12 in Home

For Thursday, January 22
Turn in essays if not completed in class Tuesday
Read chapters 10 - 12 in Home

For Tuesday, January 20
Read chapters 5 - 9 in Home

For Friday, January 16
Read chapters 3 - 4 in Home

For Thursday, January 15
Read through chapter 2 in Home by Toni Morrison
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