French Revolution & Human Rights


Teacher:             Ms. Sullivan
Extra Help: Room 149  Tuesdays 3.00-4.00  or by appointment.

Course Overview  & Syllabus (below in 'Documents')


“Recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world.”    - United Nations ‘Universal Declaration of Human Rights’, 1948

 Course Description :    The course will explore the culture of the ‘Ancien Regime’ (Old Order) in France, and the philosophy of the Enlightenment that led to the French Revolution of 1789. You will study the causes of this revolution, identifying injustices present in France at the time. You will participate in a simulation where you will take on the role of someone living in France at the time. A brief unit on the outbreak and effects of the revolution in France and on Europe will follow, tracing the rise and fall of Napoleon Buonaparte.  The final unit will jump into the 21st century and examining injustice and human rights in our world today. What are modern human rights? What injustices are present in our world today? How did these injustices come about? How can we promote and protect universal human rights and fight injustices in our world today?  You will choose a current human rights issue and study its recent history.  Then you will complete a Sophomore Capstone project, which will ask you to research the best solutions to the human rights problem you chose, and present your findings to the class. 

Course Essential Questions: What are injustices in our world? How did these injustices come about? How can we work to right these injustices?

Course Introduction


Unit 1: Old Regime France


Essential Questions:  What injustices were present in France under the Old Regime? How did these injustices come about? What caused people begin working to change these injustices?


Project: Revolutionary Manifesto

Unit 2: Revolution!

Essential Questions:  How did people work to change injustices in their society? How successful were they? Did they right any injustices? Did they create any more injustices?


Project: Editorial Piece

Unit 3: Human Rights and Injustice Today


Essential Questions:  What injustices are present in our world today? How did these injustices come about? What should we do to right these injustices? What is currently being done?


Project: Sophomore Capstone Project