Premodern Art

Teacher: Mr. Barry: 9A & 9B
                             Mr. Pelham: 9C
Extra Help: Mr. Barry: Monday, room B43, 3:00-4:00
                             Mr. Pelham: Monday, room 150, 3:00-4:00

This semester we explore the beginning of art history. We start with artwork which pre-dates recorded history, such as ancient cave paintings, and move around the world and through history looking at various art periods, styles, materials, and movements. We will conclude the semester in 17th century Europe with Realism, just before the beginning of the Modern era of art. Throughout the semester you will learn about new forms of art, create personally expressive projects, discuss and write about art in Virtual Museum Visits, and write an essay on the work of a Premodern artist of your choice.

Course Documents