Earth and Space Sciences

Katharine Hinkle:
Extra Help: Thursdays, Room 235, 3-4 pm or by appointment.

Course Overview

Earth and Space Sciences will be an exploration of the universe; from the rocks beneath our feet to the outer reaches of the galaxy and everything in between.  Through weekly labs and problem sets we will look at the power of rivers and glaciers and the role they have played in creating both the modern New England landscape as well as the role water may have played in the shaping of other planets.

In the second semester we will look at human’s interaction with earth.  We will study natural disasters (earthquakes, volcanoes, and tsunamis) and how they affect society.  We will look at how we create and harness energy and the effects of global climate change.

Throughout the year we will use maps and mapping software to better understand the physical world.  By the end of the year you will be be able to generate and interpret a broad range of geographic data through the use of geographic information systems software (GIS) as well as geologic and topographic maps.

(Image courtesy of, Clouds and Fog in Caldera de Taburiente, photographer, Miguel Carlo)