Conversa y descubre 

Teacher: William Carvajal
Extra Help: Mondays from 3 to 4 p.m or  by appointment.

Course Overview

Conversa y descubre

Spring 2015

Course Description:

This Spanish course provides an inviting way for students to exercise and extend their language abilities as a novice speaker in a completely immersed classroom culture. Students are to allow and encourage themselves and members of their community to make linguistic mistakes in order to improve, use as many resources as possible without relying on English as they create with their acquired language, and to have fun!

Topics are to include an emphasis on comparing hispanic and Northern American cultures in regards to food, shopping, sports, professions, music, film, television shows, art, family, and environmental differences and similarities.

Student assessments will incorporate (but are not limited to) video diaries, and voice recordings, as well as a consistent contribution to the Google Classroom online community.

It is hoped that this course will further spark students’ appreciation for foreign languages and cultures as well as compliment their growth as self-directed and well-rounded scholars and individuals.


— Conversación (Teacher and student-led discussions, Conversational Games, Mini-presentations )

— Escritura (Dictados, Google Classroom)

— Lectura (de noticias, poemas, y cultura general)

— Proyecto Final de Multimedia

Strands (Evaluaciones)

— Conversation (30%): Graded conversations, Interviews, Conversational Games.

— Presentation (20%): Mini-presentations, Recall of words & forms, edited written work.

— Interpretation (20%):Recognition of words & forms, reading and listening assessments; Microrelatos independent reading time.

— Work Habits (30%): Class participation, homework

—Digital Portfolio: Two self-assessments; one at the beginning of the semester and one towards the end as a reflection of growth within the Spanish language.

Recurring Assessments:

  • Quicitos de vocabulario: On the first period of the week, students will be assessed on their vocab memorization and mastery of the materials.

  • Actividades de interpretación: Students will be assessed on their abilities to interpret different videos, audios, and Spanish being developed within the classroom.

  • ¡A divertirse!: Students will practice their vocabulary and will create with the language by playing different games.

Daily Work:

In addition to homework, there will be a variety of activities that will be done in class to improve your speaking skills and understanding of the language.

Work Habits will be graded on a regular basis and after you complete each assignment, update your Digital Portfolio, and contribute to the Google Classroom community. Please give at least two weeks to update X2 after an assignment has been turned in.

Extra Credit: You may complete Honors assignments for extra credit. The regular revision of work will be also encouraged.

Honors:  Honors in Spanish is an opportunity to challenge yourself and enrich your experience in this class. It is open to all students, but there is commitment involved. Honors students will be expected to help to keep a “Solo Español” environment in class and to do various activities (included but not limited to the following):

- Will create narrated powerpoints and videos about culture using: iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, or Jing and will enter it to Google Classroom for other students to be able to comment.

-Help coordinating and organizing Exhibition Night for this class.

- Complete any other assignment your teacher may find useful to help you expand your Spanish vocabulary.


“Cada momento de búsqueda es un momento de encuentro.”

Looking forward to our discoveries,

Pfr. Carvajal y Pfra. Tawadros