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Experimental Design: Biology

Teacher: Ms. Ashley Young
Room:                  245
Extra Help: Thursdays, 3-4 pm or by appointment.

Course Overview

The biology curriculum will address state and national standards through hands-on activities, laboratory experiments, and projects.  Students will take on the role of scientists by developing inquiry skills. They will design and conduct their own experiments, analyze data, and present results to their peers.  Students will explore the fields of ecology, cellular biology, biochemistry, genetics, evolution, and anatomy and physiology.  Special emphasis will be placed on gaining familiarity with the local ecosystem, relevant current events, and real world application of coursework.  Throughout the year, students will also participate in a citizen science initiative called Project Budburst.  Project Budburst is a network of citizens across the country who collect data on plants as the seasons change in order to learn more about how plant species respond to changes in climate.   

Fall semester topics:
  • Unit 1: Ecology and Ecosystems
  • Unit 2: Cell Structure, Function, and Growth
  • Unit 3: Energy Production - Photosynthesis & Respiration
Spring semester topics:
  • Unit 4: Biochemistry & Genetics
  • Unit 5: Evolution
  • Unit 6: Anatomy & Physiology