Advanced Conversational Spanish

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Teacher: Jose L Lopez Espinosa
Extra Help: Mondays from 3 to 4pm Room 246 or by appointment.

Course Overview

The goal of this class is to improve your ability to converse in Spanish. All other goals — such as improving vocabulary, understanding culture or mastering grammar — are subordinate to the simple goal of enabling you to speak conversationally. You will speak Spanish every day in this class and you will speak with every person in the classroom. Narrating and describing in major time frames and dealing effectively with an unanticipated complication regarding topics of personal and general interest is the objective of the course.

The challenge of this class will be to speak Spanish and understand without difficulty by speakers unaccustomed to dealing with non-native speakers. To succeed in this class, you must agree to spend the 80 minutes in the classroom entirely in Spanish. It will be my job (as the teacher) to help you speak and understand; your job is showing up and trying. Trying means not speaking a word of English during the 80 minute class.

The written work you do outside of class will also be done entirely in Spanish. The use of online translators is strictly prohibited. In written work, you will sometimes be allowed to use dictionaries or help from friends — when you do so, you must put an asterisk (*) next to each word you look up to indicate that you got help finding the word. Text type: paragraphs.

This class is designed to help you learn Spanish by speaking Spanish. The class will consist of students speaking about their lives and interests in Spanish — no more and no less. Readings, music and videos will be drawn from expressed student interests and hobbies. Vocabulary, studying and written work will all be drawn from class conversations.