Perú contemporáneo

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Teacher: Ofelin Tortorelli
Extra Help: Thursdays 3- 4 pm or by appointment.

Course Overview


This course will immerse students in Peruvian current events and recent history. We will cover subjects such as a the Fujimori dictatorship, and the age of terror during the 80s. As well as the current government, “machismo”, religion, foods, and traditions according to regions. Peru is a very diverse country in every sense of the word, so we will take the time to study various ethnicities and languages found in this wonderful country.

Students will also have the opportunity chat and Skype with a Peruvian high school student, in order to practice their Spanish skills.


Class Rule


All students must communicate with other students and teacher in the target language (Spanish) at all times. This might be challenging at first, but a few days into the course, it will feel natural. If students feel the need of asking something in English, they should wait until the end of the class to do so.


Silabo - Perú contemporáneo

Intercambio virtual