Canciones en español

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Teacher: Ofelin Tortorelli
Extra Help: Thursdays 3 to 4 pm or by appointment.

Course Overview

This course will teach Spanish idioms and structures through music. We will study, learn, and discuss songs in Spanish, and know a bit more about famous singers and bands that impacted the Spanish speaking culture. We will listen and sing song or two per week, and discuss the meaning and importance of the topics in each song, some of these controversial for their time. Rhythms will include salsa, boleros, rock, cumbia, reguetón, etc.

In this course students will be required to participate actively in role plays, interviews, debates, and occasionally singing (you do not need to be a good singer, just try your best!).

Class Rule

All students must communicate with other students and teacher in the target language (Spanish) at all times.This might be challenging at first, but a few days into the course, it will feel natural. If students feel the need of asking something in English, they should wait until the end of the class to do so.

Sílabo - Música en español