La Pasión del Fútbol 

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Teacher: William Carvajal
Extra Help:  Tuesdays 3 to 4 or by appointment. 


Course Title: La pasión del fúbol

Instructor: William Carvajal

Duración del curso:  Enero 13 / Junio 06- 2014

Extra Help: Tuesdays 3 to 4 p.m or by appointment.

Descripción del curso: Welcome to La Pasión del Fútbol!  In this class students will be introduced to conversational Spanish through the Spanish speaking world’s most popular sport - Soccer!  La pasión del fútbol is specifically designed for students with an interest in soccer and the Soccer World Cup 2014. During this course students will learn and reinforce their Spanish skills while learning soccer vocabulary, verbs used in the trainings (example: to kick “patear”), and watching/ interpreting soccer videos. Activities will include role-plays, reading assignments, watching videos about Soccer World Cup teams and famous players, small group conversations, and informal teacher/student chats. With the concept “Playing to learn”, students will leave their classroom several times through the semester to play soccer using Spanish as the spoken language on the  field.

Students taking this class will be expected to interact with native Spanish speakers and read and write in the target language throughout the course.

La Pasión del Fútbol Learning Goals

1. Engage in oral and written exchanges of learned material to socialize, provide and obtain information. Listing and describing will be common practiced skills.

2. Demonstrate understanding of simple, clearly spoken, and written language presented in short biographies, games, high-frequency commands and brief conversations.

3. Present information using familiar words and phrases.

4. Demonstrate understanding of the practices (what people do) and how they are related to the perspectives (how people perceive things) in the Spanish culture.

6. Master common and some specialized vocabulary terms.

7. Listen for meaning in Spanish videos and music and speak about them.

Conversation (30%)

Presentation (20%)

Interpretation (20%)

Works Habits


Practice listing and describing what we see and encounter in the world of soccer.

Practice pronunciation and learn vocabulary with “Frases célebres del fútbol” and Spanish soccer anthems and chants.

Learn about the soccer ball that will be used during World Cup 2014 and write poetry about “la pelota y el fútbol.”

Work Habits will be graded on a regular basis and also after you complete/update your Digital Portfolio.  

Use vocabulary learned in class to  be a soccer commentator (Comentarista deportivo). Talk about soccer teams and players and predict results from a daily set of soccer games.

Create and sing a soccer chant for your favorite World-Cup team.

Read poetry about Fútbol, World Cup 2014 soccer news, and biographies of famous fútbol players.

Keep track of vocabulary and expressions learned in class to create a Spanish  glossary of Soccer Terms.

Respond and and talk about basic  FIFA Ultimate Trivia Challenge. Respond with the class the FIFA weekly pregunta.

Read FIFA’s soccer blog and read/interpret  comments from fans around the world.  

Access FIFA’s soccer blog  and submit comments about favorite players, teams, or events.

Proyectos importantes del semestre  

Nombre del Proyecto


Mi Ficha Futbolística y mi jugador favorito del mundial: Create your own ficha futbolística in class and describe/compare yourself and your favorite soccer player.

Presentation (20 puntos)

El mejor equipo del  Mundial:

Talk about your favorite World Cup Soccer Team: List and describe what you like and dislike about your team, describe best players, uniforms and mascot. Make a poster of your favorite soccer team and describe it to the class.

Conversation  (30 puntos)

“ Concurso El Bus de mi equipo/Be There with Hyundai Contest ”

The class will become a member of the Club. You will work in groups to create and submit several Spanish slogans for your favorite Spanish speaking teams attending the World Cup 2014.


Winning submissions will be painted on the official team bus for each of the 32 countries competing in the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™!  Sí se puede!

27/2/2014 plazo final.

Interpretation/ Presentation

(20 puntos)

Comercial de la copa mundial (Proyecto de video):

You will work in groups to create a video commercial to promote  the 2014 FIFA World Cup.  


(30 puntos)

Recurring Assessments:

Himnos del  fútbol:  Every other week you will listen, interpret, learn vocabulary, and sing part of a Spanish Soccer anthem. We’ll only listen Spanish anthems of teams attending the World Cup 2014.

Juego de Fútbol:

Es la copa del mundo! As the weather gets warmer we´ll leave the class and play soccer for 30 minutes using Spanish as the spoken language on the field. If you prefer not to play, your job will be to record parts of the game and describe on the spot what is happening in the field.  If you have been given a red card after committing  a serious offense,  like speaking English during the game, you will have to join the Comentarista deportivo and help describe the game. It will be ok to have several students recording the same game. We'll get to watch sections of the games, with Spanish comentarios, during class.

Extra Credit: You may complete Honors assignments for extra credit. The regular revision of work will be also encouraged.

Honors:  Honors in Spanish is an opportunity to challenge yourself and enrich your experience in this class. It is open to all students, but there is commitment involved. Honors students will have to:

-Help coordinating and organizing Exhibition Night for this class.

- Complete extra assignments to help you expand Spanish vocabulary.


Looking forward to a successful semester,

Señor Carvajal