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Advanced Chemistry

Welcome to Advanced Chemistry at IACS

Teacher:Ms. Raks Derival 
Extra Help:       Thursdays 3:00pm - 4:00pm in Room 241 or by appointment

Further exploration of chemistry topics that fall outside the normal chemistry curriculum are presented.  Topics include a deeper investigation into the gas laws, heat capacity, thermodynamics, reaction equilibrium, organic chemistry, biochemistry, and forensic science.  There will be a heavy emphasis on lab work, where students will have the opportunity to perform DNA gel electrophoresis experiments and work with forensic science test kits.  The prerequisite for the course is one semester of chemistry.  The four strands of enduring understanding, experimentation, modeling, and work habits will guide student learning goals.  Additionally, students will be encouraged to practice science inquiry, safe laboratory practice, data recording, analysis, and application skills.  

Essential Questions:

1.  How are the four school outcomes* applied to organic chemistry, biochemistry, and forensic science?

2.  How are advanced chemistry concepts applied in organic chemistry, biochemistry, and forensic science?

*school outcomes include effective communication, problem solving, self-direction, and community membership

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Advanced Chemistry

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