Music 2: Modernism

Teacher: Andrew Frankhouse --
Extra Help: 3:00-4:00PM Tuesdays -- Art Room (Room 150)

Course Overview

Music 2: Modernism begins with the crisis of tonality in the late 19th century, and follows the search for a new musical language, both in Western Europe and the United States.  Students will use new modes of analysis to deconstruct complex and groundbreaking works from Stravinsky’s riot-inducing Sacre du Printemps to Varese’s visionary Poème Électronique.  Students will also perform research to make connections between prominent Modernist musicians and other artistic figures of their time, and to explore the relationship between music and the rapidly changing social, political, and technological realities of the 20th century.  

Course Syllabus

Music 2: Modernism Syllabus ‎(Fall 2013)‎

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