Music 301: Electronic Music

Teacher: Andrew Frankhouse --
Extra Help: Fridays 3:00-4:30 or by appointment

Course Overview

Since the phonograph was invented in the 1800s, advancing technology has been invaluable to the recording, distribution, and consumption of all types of music.  Player pianos, radios, jukeboxes, electro-acoustic instruments (electric guitars, Rhodes pianos, Hammond organs, etc.), magnetic tape, synthesizers, and computers are all part of this legacy.  

This hands-on course will explore the electronic tools, software, and techniques used to produce contemporary music.  Students will study the electronic music of composers like Edgard Varèse, Milton Babbitt, Karlheinz Stockhausen, and Steven Reich, and put the philosophies of these composers into practice in their recording, mixing, and mastering.  

Music 301: Electronic Music Student Document Collection

Students taking this course will find class documents (syllabus, assignments, handouts, etc.) in the Google Drive collection below.

Electronic Music Student Collection Spring 2014