Modern Africa

Teacher: Shannon Morocco, 
Extra Help: Tuesdays from 3-4pm in room 205 or by appointment.

Course Overview

Africa is a continent that continues to lag behind others in the modern world and continues to face economic, social, political, and cultural challenges.  Despite all of this, the continent has in many ways experienced significant growth in the past century.  This course will be organized so that each week, we will explore the history of the continent in snapshots through book excerpts, documentaries, discussions and a variety of primary and secondary sources.  While we will be exploring challenges the continent has faced in recent decades, our main goal will be to examine ways in which several African nations have begun to take agency over its present and consider further opportunities for Africa to embrace its future.  

Course Essential Questions:

  • What challenges has Africa faced in its development?

  • How has Africa sought to overcome some of these challenges?

  • What opportunities exist in Africa today?

  • What does the future hold for Africa?