HS 424: 21st Century Terrorism & Security

Teacher: David Smith dsmith@innovationcharter.org
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Course Overview

21st Century Terrorism & Security
What is Terrorism?

         What are the origins and motives of terrorism? The ‘Terrorist Mentality’

     What are the best responses & solutions to terrorism?

Online Reference Book: 'Terrorism: Essential Primary Sources' http://libraries.state.ma.us/pages/research-e-sources


         The Choices Program: Responding To Terrorism- Challenges for Democracy (56 pp.  Brown University, 2008)

         Terrorism, Rosemary  O’Kane  (2007)

         The Looming Tower, 2006,  Lawrence Wright (Chapters 1-4)

         Films:  The Battle of Algiers (1966), Munich ( 2005), Paradise Now (2005)

         US National Security Strategy

         ‘Letter from Gaza: An Arsenal of Believers’ Nov 19, 2001 (New Yorker)

         Documentaries:  PBS Frontline “In Search of Bin Laden”

         Terror in the Name of God: Why Religious Militants Kill , Jessica Stern (2003)

                [ HONORS  History Reading]



Jan 13-Jan 30

 Origins/ History of Terrorism, Current Events Presentations, Exam

Feb 1-Feb 14

Al Qaeda and the Road to 9/11:  ‘The Looming Tower’ Seminars/Oral History Project on 9/11

Feb 24-Mar 21

The Terrorist Mentality: The Middle East & Algeria

    Film Analysis     ‘Battle of Algiers’ (1966) and ‘Paradise Now’ (2005)

Mar 21-April 4

Definition Essay:  What is Terrorism?

Apr 4-May 23

Responding to Terrorism & Challenges to Democracy: Group Project

How should the US respond to Terrorism? 

Debate and Newscast Video Presentations