Current Homework - Power Plays

Tuesday, May 27
Independent reading analytical essay due
Honors: Independent reading missing scene due

Honors:  Over Break
Prepare discussion questions for Brecht's Galileo

For Monday, April 7
Review last 2 scenes of Mother Courage
Honors - read Galileo for Tuesday

For Monday, 3/31
Finish Mother Courage
Permission slips & $

For Thursday, 3/27
Read scenes 5 - 8 of Mother Courage
Note observations & questions in the margins

For Thursday, 3/20
Read through Scene 4 of Mother Courage

For Monday, 3/17
Read Scene 1 of Mother Courage and Her Children
Written response:
  • What do you know so far about Mother Courage (the character)
  • What questions do you expect the play will raise?
  • What do you notice about the way the play is written?


(Assignment attached below)

For Thursday, 2/13

Reread from bottom of p. 135 to end of Act IV.
Note consistencies/shifts in characters -- especially note role of Caliban

For Tuesday, 2/11

Read Act IV
Write 1/2 - 1 page prediction.  What's going to happen in Act V?

Honors Homework for Monday, 2/10

Read Giorgio Strehler director's notes
Write 1 1/2 - 2 page informal reflection
  • Do you think Strehler's ideas are plausible/text-based?
  • Are there points you would argue with him?
  • What new or interesting ideas does he raise for you?
  • How will his ideas color your reading as you continue with the play?

For Thursday, January 30

Read II:i (Act 2, scene 1) of The Tempest
Write down at least one character trait for each character in this scene.  Note what you base it on.

No new HW for Tuesday, 1/28

For Monday, January 27

Reread pages 25 - 39 and finish reading Act I: scene 2
Write 1/2 - 1 page response in which you referee the dispute between Prospero and either Ariel or Caliban

For Thursday, January 23

Read The Tempest to bottom of page 39
Write down at least one character trait for each character you encounter (Prospero, Miranda, Ariel, Caliban).  Note what you base it on.
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