Global Studies (Ms.Barnes)

Teacher: Leanne Barnes

Extra Help: Tuesdays 3-4 in room 206 or by appointment

Course Summary: This course will introduce students to a variety of worldwide social, cultural and historical happenings from 1800 to the present. 

- Through a variety of classroom activities and rich primary and secondary sources, students will acquire a foundation to understand the complexities of global conflicts and to analyze how events, ideas, and structures of the past continue to shape our world today. 

- The units of study will include: Revolution, Imperialism, Genocide, Economic Progress and Human Rights.  

- The course will include the Capstone Project which will give each student the challenge and opportunity to demonstrate their progress and abilities in the 4 skills of Historical Thinking: Research, Effective Communication, Enduring Understanding, and Work Habits.  

- The goal of the capstone is to practice and apply research strategies and written expression on a topic related to the course. Students will develop, revise and complete a Historical Essay that answers their research question, incorporates persuasive evidence, follows language conventions.

Course Documents