Innovation Academy offers Spanish to all of its students. The Spanish program is uniquely focused on building true conversational competency and producing students will will use and remember their language skills in years to come.


Spanish Classes at Innovation focus on helping students learn conversational language.

Authentic Language Acquisition

Our department is based on putting students in contact with authentic language from day one. Students are assessed not simply on grammar and vocabulary but on their use of the language: how well they produce, understand, and can converse in Spanish.

Elective System

In the high school, students move through levels of Spanish at their own pace, advancing based on their conversational competency. Each level takes a typical student one to two years to move through.

At each level, we offer a variety of different electives to cater to different interests and learning styles and to expose students to a variety of cultural content.

Students at our first level are still building their fundamental vocabulary and learning to handle routine interactions.

Students at our second level are beginning to truly create with language, building novel sentences and expanding their sense of grammar.

At our third and fourth levels, students can understand a range of grammatical structures and engage in increasingly sophisticated tasks, such as classroom debates, reading current articles and selections from books, and watching and discussing films.