Our science department helps students develop the scientific literacy needed in the 21st Century. Issues such as energy production, environmental awareness, and healthy personal lifestyle choices are themes that are woven throughout coursework. By engaging in these topics we also hope to inspire students to help become the next generation of problem solvers in these areas. We hope this work will help fill the demand of future scientists and engineers our nation so urgently needs.


Our approach to instructional practice and curricular design emphasizes projects where students collaborate with one another, present ideas to one another, and enrich their learning by making connections to the scientific and general community. In short, we aim to help students think and act as scientists as opposed with asking them to wait until after college to do so.


All students are required to take a minimum of four years of lab science. Students begin their sequence with Engineering in Grade 9. They then choose from Biology or Earth Science in Grade 10. In Grades 11 and 12 students select from Chemistry, Physics, or Earth and Space Science. Beginning in Grade 11, students can take additional science elective courses including: Computer Science, Robotics and Psychology.