The English program at Innovation Academy introduces students to a wide range of reading and writing while engaging students in extensive writing assignments and in-depth, project-based learning. Throughout the program, we place a strong emphasis on the revision process: teaching students not just to reword but to re-think as they work through multiple revisions of papers.



English courses at the high school are organized as semester-long electives. Electives are divided by age-level, with courses offered to 9th & 10th graders and 11th & 12th graders. 

Standard English Electives
Electives enable students to focus on depth over breadth, delving into depth with a skill, genre, literary movement, or historical moment of interest and importance.

Electives have focused on movements and time periods, as in courses on Modernism and 21st Century Literature, on kinds of writing and analysis, as in courses on Rhetoric and Argument and on Gender, or on specific texts or authors, as in electives on Milton's Paradise Lost and Shakespeare's Othello.

Writing Workshops
Writing Workshops allow students to get large amounts of practice and feedback on their writing. Writing Workshops include substantial amounts of class time devoted to writing itself as well as teacher conferences, peer feedback, and close study of model texts. 

Writing Workshops approach the skill of writing from many different angles. We have offered everything from Real World Writing and College Writing, aimed at providing practical skills to all students, to The Art of the Essay and The Craft of Fiction, which explore literary genres in depth.