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Coaches -- you should primarily be updating three different things:
  1. Your schedule: this should be kept up-to-date in google calendar. Changes will automatically propagate to the website.

  2. Updates/Changes: this should be updated via the "announcements" page (links below) and should include time sensitive information you need to get out to families, such as due dates for forms, cancellations or changes to the schedules, or news (e.g. winning a championship). Announcements will show up on your team page, the MS or HS athletics page, and the front page of the school.

  3. Documents/Scores/News -- kept up-to-date using a google drive folder. When you add things to the folder, they automatically show up on the website. This is best for static documents of use only to your team, such as team rules, statistics, and so on.

1. Calendar invitations will arrive in your email when you start coaching. (Actually, the main office has taken over management of the calendars -- but I'm happy to share with any coaches).

2. Google Documents folders are organized here. The contents of each team folder will show up on the team page. Note that adding things to the top level folder will have no affect on anything -- it's just there for organizational purposes. The folders are all already shared with Nolan and iacsathletics@, but can be shared with individual coaches as requested. Video guide to using documents. Video guide to google docs folder


3. Updates or announcements pages can be found via the links below (note: these pages aren't directly accessible to the public, but their contents are automatically copied onto your team page and up to the top athletics page and front page of the website). Video guide to using announcements.
MS Announcement Pages

Subpage Listing

HS Announcement Pages